Green Travel

Abruzzo has long been known as the “green lung” of the Italian peninsula.  With over 300,000 hectares of protected areas, one third of the region has been designated as national / regional parkland;

  • Abruzzo National Park
  • Majella National Park
  • Gran Sasso & Monti della Laga Park
  • Sirente-Velino Regional Park

Locally, Rocca San Giovanni has joined with 4 other municipalities ( Fossacesia, San Vito, Torino di Sangro and Treglio ) to form the Costa Trabocchi project.  The project seeks to promote heritage and the natural environment, ensuring the improvement, protection, usability and tourism promotion.

Rocca San Giovanni is home to the Grotte Delle Farfalle  (The Butterfly Valley).  This is a trail, approximately one mile in length through an area rich in vegetation, supported by several streams and ponds which has created the perfect eco-environment for unique species of butterflies.  This trail is easily assessable and is a must see on during your stay.

Bandiera Blu (Blue Flags), this is the annual certification of beaches and costal resorts that respect the environment through the development of systems standard for water purification, waste management, cleaning and environmental measures security measures.  This year yet again, Rocca San Giovanni was awarded the Bandiera Blu, along with a number of other beaches along the Trabocchi Coast.

Le Grotta del Cavallone is nestled in the Majella mountains located in Cavallone Taranta Valley , not far from Sulmona, at 1475 meters above sea level .  Thousands of hectares of alpine meadows, rugged valleys and high cliffs surround the cave.  The cave is myriad of complex structures which are created by the constant interaction between water and limestone, creating the stalactites (columnar structures hanging from the ceiling of the cave) and the stalagmites (columnar structures growing upwards from the floor of the cave).  Le Grotta del Cavallone is a must see if you visiting between July 22 to September 3 as it is only open during this time.



The Castle of Roccascalegna is said to be one of the most beautiful castles in Abruzzo.  It is built on the steep slope of a cliff overlooking the village of Roccascalegna and the Rio Secco deep valley.  It is said that the Longobards built the castle around V-VI century, although early written information about its existence date back to 1058 and appear in “Catalogus Baronum”.  The castle has been restored throughout the centuries, such that today it is made up of some small semicircular towers and a square tower called “Normanna” enclosed by a fence.



San Giovanni in Venere is the most beloved Abbey of Rocco San Giovanni.  The village of Rocca San Giovanni was named after the Abbey, and although the Abbey is now within the town limits of Fossacesia, the earliest documentation of the Abbey dating back to 1047, stated that the Abbey was built for the protection of the Monks and the farmers who cultivated the land.  No matter where the Abbey’s boundaries reside now, it is a must see.  Everything from the majestic Cyprus lined road announcing its arrival, to the commanding position over the Adriatic, its sea views, to the views of olive groves beneath it, is all amazing.  Once inside the Abbey, one is struck with a sense of breathlessness.  There is beauty in its austere inside; it commands quiet and inner reflection