The Village


Set on a hill top at 154 metres above sea level on the coastline of the `Costa dei trabocci’ (coastline of the trabocci – prawn like fishing piers), Rocca San Giovanni has been recognized as one of the Borghi piu belli d’italia (most beautiful villages in Italy).  With its Romanesque San Matteo (St. Mathew) church, built in the XI century, the town hall and its medieval fortified town walls, the village has maintained its medieval roots, such that one can see the real Italy, unspoilt and unchanged.



The village hosts many events in the town centre from jazz, to opera, but on a daily basis life happens in the square, merchants come during the day bringing their wares from household goods to fresh fish and produce, the evening time brings family and children into the square to recount their day and to enjoy each other’s company.  It’s these traditions that endear Rocca San Giovanni to those looking for something just a little different.




Finally, for views of the Adriatic, take a walk through the streets to the most easterly point and there perched out over the cliff is a lookout onto the Adriatic Sea, the olive groves and the lush valleys below.