Local Restaurants’

Forno Zulli – For the best wood burning oven pizzas, pasta’s & breads, visit Forno Zulli in Rocca San Giovanni.  Especially ask for the Pizza Crocodillo (Crocodile Pizza).  The owners Nicola and Marcella are wonderful hosts and are happy to have you, just book in advance on the weekends as seating is limited.



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Ristorante Cavalluccio – Perhaps the most well known and well respected Restaurants in the area, le Cavalluccio (the seahorse) is situation on the beach in-between Rocca San Giovanni and Fossacesia and offers a wonderful selection of freshly caught seafood and pastas pairings.  This family restaurant is a must see.


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La Sirenella – Another delightful sea side restaurant right in Fossacesia Marina. Give this one a try.

Ai Vecchi Sapori has a wonderful open concept restaurant where one can watch the chef cook your meal.  Serving the very best of Abruzzo cuisine this one is a real treat.  It is located in Lanciano, just 10 minutes away.

Za Culetta Agrotourismo – with everything but the bottled water grown, raised and made on the land immediately surrounding the agrotourismo, this is a wonderful opportunity to experience homemade regional cuisine in a family friendly environment.  Make sure to sample the liqueurs as these are all home grown and made on the farm.



For an absolutely original experience, try dining on one of the fishing piers known as Trabocci. Looking like giant alien prawns advancing out to sea and seemly unfathomable from a distance that they could support a person let alone a small kitchen and dining area, some indeed do.  Book early so as not to be disappointed.